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Prince's Trust Australia | Anthony Pratt
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Anthony Pratt

Portrait of Anthony Pratt with city background

Anthony Pratt is the Executive Chairman of Visy and the Founding Patron of PCA.

Visy, with Pratt Industries USA, is the world’s largest privately-owned recycled paper and packaging manufacturer, employing more than 10,000 people, mainly in Australasia and the USA.  Annual group sales exceed $5 billion.

Visy focuses on recycling, paper, packaging, clean energy and environmental technology.  The paper-making arm, Visy Paper, is one of Australia’s largest exporters of manufactured goods, with customers in China, Southeast Asia, Europe, Africa and the United States.

Prior to his return to Australia in 2009, Anthony was based in the United States where he led the Pratt family’s business expansion. Under Anthony’s leadership as Chairman, Pratt Industries USA has expanded to more than 140 sites across the country, and now employs more US citizens than any other Australian company.  In April, 2016 Anthony was named “North American Packaging CEO of the Year” by leading industry authority, RISI.

Anthony also serves as founding patron of Prince’s Charities Australia, which extends to Australians the charitable endeavours of His Royal Highness, the Prince of Wales.

Firmly committed to sustainable manufacturing, Anthony is an acknowledged leader in circular business practice.  In 2007 he made a commitment at President Clinton’s Global initiative in New York City to invest $1 billion in clean energy and recycling infrastructure over the next 10 years.  He completed that pledge in just 6 years.

Anthony divides his time between Melbourne and Atlanta (where Visy and Pratt Industries are headquartered) with his wife Claudine Revere, son Leon and daughter Lilly.