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Prince's Trust Australia | Disaster Resilient: Future Ready
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Disaster Resilient: Future Ready


This pilot program aims to establish a road-tested model of community-led disaster preparedness that can be adopted and adapted by other communities in Australia and potentially internationally.


The project, a partnership between The Princes Charities Australia and the Foundation for Rural & Regional Renewal, has arisen out of recognition of the following challenges currently facing Australia:

  • Evidence of increasing frequency and severity of natural disasters and the subsequent impacts.
  • By 2050, the total economic cost of natural disasters in Australia is expected to be around $33 billion in real terms without considering the potential impact of climate change, including the cost of long term impacts on wellbeing of individuals and communities.
  • Broad consensus by governments, business, and communities on the need for greater community-led process, but no practical, whole-of-community evidence-based approach that communities can adopt to build their resilience and adaptive capacity.


If communities are not better prepared and more resilient, what will happen? How can communities acquire the necessary capability to ensure they are Disaster Resilient: Future Ready?
There is a recognised gap in identification of the indicators that support increased resilience and adaptive capacity following natural disasters, and critically, limited evaluation of effective methods for communities and individuals to build their resilience. At a very practical level, there is a need to better understand the skills, resources, assets and tools that communities need to be able to recover and adapt from natural disasters. It is vital to share this understanding more broadly and to build capacity through practical and road-tested approaches.


The Disaster Resilient: Future Ready project posits that communities are best placed to determine the most effective approaches within their unique context. Utilising an action research and co-design methodology, we will work with 2-3 pilot communities in rural/regional Australia to develop and evaluate practical indicators, methods and tools for building improved disaster-preparedness and disaster resilience.
Disaster Resilient: Future Ready will be led by the Foundation for Rural and Regional Renewal in partnership with The Princes Charities Australia and a range of other organisations with relevant expertise, networks and capabilities. Utilising FRRR’s unique tax status and role in enabling community-led change in rural, regional and remote communities, the pilot communities will be supported to participate through the provision of skilled resources to assist with community planning and grants for projects.